One Fight, All In

Join us to build our movement.

Heidi Sloan is running for Congress in Texas’s 25th district to bring you into this fight!

One Fight, All In

Heidi Sloan is running for Congress to fight for a Texas that works for regular folks, not just the rich.

We know there is plenty in America for every person to live the good life. Our country has enough to provide homes, health care, childcare, a healthy environment, college and a good job to every one of our neighbors. But a small number of extremely rich people make their money by profiting off of our work. They buy politicians like Roger Williams, who pass laws that take more and more of our money to put in their pockets. They are reckless with our workplaces, our homes, and the resources we need to survive, because they see these things as investments to enrich themselves. 

We have to fight the rich as a community and take back power in our democracy to win freedom in our lives. 

This is a real grassroots campaign, starting from the bottom and building out. We aren’t taking money from corporations, we’re taking them on, and we’re going to win because we have the power of people and there is no greater force on Earth. This is one fight, for all of us, and we want you on our side. We are all in.

I am a farmer, organizer, and Democratic Socialist running for Congress. I am fighting for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, worker’s rights, and safety and liberation for marginalized people.

We have to win in Washington and we have to win in the street. We have to win by organizing, and standing in solidarity with one another. I’m running for Congress because I know that we will only win when we win together. When we build a movement that demands solidarity, that demands justice, that is strong enough to get candidates elected, and also strong enough to hold their feet to the fire.

We, the working class, are the vast majority of Americans, and we can win these enormous campaigns and prosper, together.

Texas’s 25th Congressional District Map