What does a US Representative do?

The US House of Representatives is the lower house of the US Congress. (The Senate is the upper house.) There are 435 representatives, and each serves a two-year term.

A US representative

  • Represents a district with a population of roughly 766,000 Texans at the US capitol (Washington, DC)
  • Votes on bills that affect Texans and all US citizens
  • Writes and introduces bills that affect Texans and all US citizens
  • Works to garner support (through co-sponsorships) from their colleagues to pass a bill through a committee and eventually through the whole House
  • Informs their constituents (through social media, in-person town halls and forums, public meetings, and direct door-to door outreach) about important bills that affect their quality of life
  • Delivers resources to their constituents through the budget process
  • Holds federal agencies accountable to responding to constituent needs


The Executive

Donald Trump

Donald Trump*

*Not a friend of the working class

Law-Making Branches in Washington

US Congress

US House of Representatives

435 Members/Districts

232 Democrats

197 Republicans

1 independent

5 vacant

Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House

US Senate

100 Members/States

53 Republicans

45 Democrats

2 independents


Mitch McConnell

Majority Leader